Three tips to bring a crowd to Lede Ai's crowdsourced data

Lede Ai partners with ScoreStream for the fan-driven real time data we use to power our high school sports briefs. On any given week, ScoreStream has reliable, vetted data on over 90% of all the games played in the United States. Multiple firewalls are built in to ensure that the date we access and the stories written by Lede Ai are accurate.

Through ScoreStream, Lede Ai leverages powerful tools and algorithms built around verifying score information from users. Power users out-rank less experienced users when a conflict over score arises. Troublemakers are given blackball status rendering them effectively null throughout the system.

But all that being said, the more users the merrier. Hereā€™s three tips to engage with your readers and grow usage in your coverage area, which makes your coverage more complete and valuable.

  1. Work with the booster clubs / AD's to have a standard announcement from the press box / table read over the PA system that reminds fans to follow the game on Scorestream and update the scores to "help our friends in local media power their coverage." In some cases they just do it. In others you may have to work a trade.

  2. Use Canva to whip up some fliers for school cafeterias / bulletin boards / locker rooms. "Help [Your Super Awesome Local News Company] power coverage of our school's athletics by using Scorestream to update the games you attend." This is super easy to do and builds goodwill.

  3. And this is the easiest. Work with our team to code in a line at the end of every article that encourages the reader to sign up and participate.

    • "This coverage was powered by Scorestream, the leader in fan-driven sports coverage. Download the app <with a link> to be part of the action and make sure your team is covered."