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LedeAI writes hundreds of unique news briefs in seconds and publishes them to your web site automatically. We use thousands of human-written variations so your content never looks the same and reads beautifully.

With LedeAI’s technology, you can cover the news your readers want, create new revenue streams, and let your reporters do the valuable investigative work only they can do.


free yourself from clickbait

Imagine a world where your newsroom generated the page views that drove ad revenue, but did it with valuable local news. Say goodbye to articles about some random celebrity’s wardrobe malfunction.


be everywhere

Now, even tiny newsrooms can provide comprehensive high school sports coverage. Every game. Every team. On your site and in your paper.

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your revenue team loves you

Comprehensive coverage with LedeAI means more eyeballs. More eyeballs create valuable sponsorship opportunities that were never there before.


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